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I want to talk about Kate Middleton because she is my fashion role model. I look up to her and love her style. My obsession with Kate Middleton started the year I got married.  I remember seeing a picture of her on the cover of a People magazine. I just thought that she was so pretty and natural-looking. She didn't look like she was trying too hard to look perfect, but she still did. I followed all of the royal wedding coverage. At the same time, I was planning my own wedding. After their wedding, I watched as her style matured when she became the Duchess of Cambridge. 

I just love how she repeats outfits and wears affordable off the rack clothes. It just shows that even though she is a royal, she is still practical. 

Let's talk about how she re-wears her clothes. They call her the "Royal Recycler". I love that! I've always thought that it was so wasteful how celebrities never want to be caught in the same outfit twice. I mean, they spend thousands of dollars on their clothes and they wear it once and never again. If the Duchess of Cambridge can re-wear a dress and be photographed in it more then once, then anyone should be able to wear the same outfit twice.

Here are some examples of some of my favorite looks. I love what she wears when she's dressed up and when she's casual.

Now, I don't live in England and I'm not a royal, so of course, I'm not going to copy her outfits exactly. I have to wear things that fit into the lifestyle that I can afford. So, I modify a lot when I'm putting a look together.
Here is me recreating the look she wore home from the hospital after they announced she was pregnant with Prince George. It's so simple, yet so polished. I wore a black trench coat over a grey sweater dress. black flat boots, black tights, and a silver scarf.

Here are a few more inspired looks with clothes from my own closet. 
Grey sweater dress, black tights, and black patten leather pumps. I put my beige trench coat over it to give it that Kate look. 

This jacket is a hand me down from my mom. It's a Banana Republic wool jacket. I haven't worn it yet, but I thought it looked like something Kate might wear. I tried it out with my skinny jeans, a brown belt, and a striped white and navy shirt. I tried the look with brown boots and wedges.

Same jacket as above. This time, I wore black jeggings, a brown belt, a green polka-dot blouse, and black slingback pumps. 

Black tank top, black blazer, white pants, brown belt, pink and grey scarf, with black slingback pumps. 

I feel like as I go through life, Kate Middleton and I will always be at similar stages. I will always be able to look to her, to guild me in my style. Kate Middleton inspires me to look my best and stay natural.
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