Building a Maternity Wardrobe on a Budget
One thing that I really enjoyed during my last pregnancy was dressing my growing baby bump.  It was a fun challenge for me to come up with cute outfits that made me feel good and comfortable.  I feel like it can be really confusing at the beginning and a little overwhelming when you think about a maternity wardrobe.  Some people might think that you need to buy all your clothes in the maternity department when you are pregnant, but that's not the case.  Obviously, every woman is built differently and everyone starts showing at a different time, but I still believe that most women can get away with buying only a few basic maternity items.

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Maternity clothes are often expensive and unless you plan on having a big family, it's really not worth the money to buy too many maternity items.  During my first pregnancy, I got away with only buying 4 maternity items.  Everything else I wore was my normal clothes.  I like the idea of being able to get a lot of wear out of my clothes.  To be honest, I didn't even feel the need to buy any maternity items until my 3rd trimester.

This time around I'm still planning on wearing as many of my normal clothes as I can, but I do plan on making a few basic maternity clothes purchases.  I feel like I lived and learned a lot with my first pregnancy and figured out what non-maternity items worked well and which ones did not.  This is why I want to start this series on Building a Maternity Wardrobe on a Budget.  I want to share my maternity wardrobe journey to help other expecting moms figure out how to build an affordable maternity wardrobe.

Today I want to start with the basics and share what items you should buy in the maternity department and what items you should not.

Maternity items worth buying...

Maternity Jeans

I tried to stay in my normal jeans as long as I could in my first pregnancy.  I was actually wearing my normal jeans, unzipped and with a belly band right up until I gave birth.  I did purchase one pair of maternity jeans, that I wasn't that crazy about.  This time around, I'm hoping to have a couple pairs to wear.  They are overall more comfortable than regular jeans, and they are very versatile and you will get a ton of use out of them. 

Maternity Leggings

Last pregnancy, 4 years ago, I didn't buy any maternity leggings.  I just wore my normal leggings.  This time around I'm thinking this belly is going to need a little more support. That's why I've been searching for a good pair of maternity leggings.  Just like jeans, a good pair of leggings can be worn with almost anything so they are for sure worth the buy.

Basic Maternity T-shirts and Tanks

You can get away with wearing normal t-shirts and tank tops through most of your pregnancy, but towards the end, it's definitely nice to have the rushing on the side to give you a little extra room to grow into.  I noticed in some of my belly pictures from my first pregnancy that some of my tanks and t-shirts looked a little stretched in those last months of pregnancy.  That's why this time around I plan on purchasing a few t-shirts and tank tops.   

Fitted Maternity Dresses

I loved wearing fitted dresses to show off my bump in my last pregnancy.  I think they are a really cute look and they are super comfortable.  Just like the t-shirts and tank tops, it's always nice to have the extra rushing on the side to grow with your bump. 

Maternity Bras

When I was pregnant with my first, I quickly learned that all my wired bras had to go.  I bought myself some comfortable maternity/nursing bras and never looked back.  Having good comfortable bras is a must when you are pregnant.  I'm not going to lie, I wore these bras long past the time I was pregnant or nursing because they were so comfortable.

Clothes you do not need to buy in the maternity department...

Empire waist dresses
Button-down tops
Maxi Dresses
Flowy Tops

My best advice to you if you are an expecting mom is to see what you have in your closet first.  Pick out pieces of clothes that will fit a growing bump and set them aside.  Then make a list of maternity clothing items you might need.  Buy them as you need them!  You don't want to overbuy maternity clothes that you may not wear a lot.  This will just leave you with too many clothes to get rid of after you are done having babies.

I'm excited that I get to share my pregnancy journey the second time around with all of you.  Stay tuned for more posts on Building a Maternity Wardrobe on a Budget.


What to Buy at in the Maternity Department and What not to Buy

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