Floral Fall Maxi Dress

October 05, 2018

It's hard to believe that it's already October.  I'm not sure what happened to September, but I'm okay with the month change. It's finally cooling down in Las Vegas and feeling a little more like fall, not quite like a Michigan fall, but it looks like our hot 100 days are finally behind us.  

Fall has always been my favorite season to dress for.  The weather is perfect for wearing almost anything in my closet.  Everyone always gets really excited for boots, scarves, and sweaters during the fall.  I do too, but I also love wearing dresses in the fall.  I think with all the fun fall clothes everyone forgets about fall dresses.  I love a pretty fall floral prints on a flowy maxi dress during the fall.  That's why I'm loving this navy floral ruffle trim maxi dress from PinkBlush.

When I saw this dress, I immediately was drawn to the print and style.  Most of my wardrobe is pretty casual and practical, but having a dress like this is the perfect way to spruce up my everyday momiform.  It's the perfect dress for work, date night or church, and I'm not against wearing this dress on a day you just want to be a little more dressed up while you're out running errand.  I'm planning on wearing it on my teacher work day next week, because I always find it safer to wear my clothes I love the most when the kids aren't at school.  In a maxi dress like this, it gives the appearance that you tried to dress up, but really you feel like you are wear pajamas.  I love that you can easily wear this dress on it's own or you can layer it up with a denim jacket. 

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Dress- PinkBlush (Exact) || Shoes- ThredUP (Similar) || Jacket- Old Navy (Exact) Purse- Last Call Nemian Marcus (Similar) || Necklace- Nordstrom (Exact) || Earrings- Walmart (Similar

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