A Love for Stripe

July 13, 2018

I know that I'm not alone when I say that I LOVE STRIPES!  It's no secret.  For whatever reason the black and white pattern catches my eye every time.  But each pattern of stripes that I buy is a little different than the rest.  When I go shopping, I am so practical.  I look for clothes that I'm going to get good use out of and that can be worn over and over again.  For me, stripes are always the answer.  

I went on a fast from shopping last month.  After Memorial day, I told myself that I wasn't aloud to buy any new clothes for the month of June.  I made it through June, and since I'm going on vacation this weekend, I wanted to get a new dress.  I fell in love with this white dress with black stripes (SIMILAR) from TJMaxx.  I felt that the black on white stripes gave it a nautical feel that would be perfect for a beach vacation. 

 The best color to accessorize stripes with in my opinion is a cognac or camel brown.  It always makes the stripes pop.  I've been so light on my jewelry this summer, because it's so hot.  Unless I plan on spending the entire day in air conditioning, I usually just wear statement earrings of some sort.  I love these little tear drop earrings I found at Walmart for $2 (SIMILAR).  My necklaces tend to tarnish when I sweat behind my neck in the heat (#cheapjewelryproblems), so instead I've been using my sunglasses (SIMILAR) as my neck accessory and wearing them in my shirt when they are not over my eyes.  This dress is perfect on it's own, but I layered it with my thrifted denim vest (SIMILAR) for this look.  A denim vest makes for a great alternative to a denim jacket in the summer.  It gives the same look, but the sleeveless vest helps when it's so hot out.  For shoes, I went with my favorite slip on wedges (SIMILAR).  These shoes are so comfy, I can wear them for a full day and my feet don't hurt.

For more stripe dresses and similar affordable options, shop the look below!

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