Shopping Finds for Baby!

January 07, 2016

I am definitely getting into the nesting stage of pregnancy.  I'm counting down the weeks until my little guy is finally here and I'm trying to prepare for his arrival.  Babies need a lot of stuff, and I am just hoping that I have everything he will need.  With all the major items already purchased, I felt that it was time for me to get a few extra little items with the left over money on my gift cards.

When it comes to clothes shopping for my baby, I want him to look cute, but I also don't want to spend a lot of money on his clothes.  Babies grow so fast, and not to mention, they also dirty up their clothes so quickly.  I feel like it's a waste to spend full price on baby clothes.  This is why I plan to look for the best deals I possibly can find for this little guy.  I plan to be just as frugal with him as I am with my own clothing.

Here are some of my purchases from Babies R Us this past weekend.  All clearance clothes were 50% off the already marked down price.  I just couldn't resist stocking up on a few things.
3 sleepers- $3.49, $2.99, $1.49
2 pack of pants- $3.49
Newborn mittens-  $1.49
Socks- $2.99

Total- $15.94

  I went to Babies R Us thinking that I would spend what was left on my gift cards, but I walked away still having money on my cards, which is never a bad thing. I guess I will just have to do some more bargain shopping soon.

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