Weekend Wardrobe-Maternity Wardrobe

November 02, 2015

I'm a little behind with my weekend outfit post, but that's okay.  It's better late than never.  I enjoyed a nice long weekend, celebrating Halloween and my first Nevada Day.  Now that the weather has been so nice, Kevin and I have been getting out more on the weekends to explore the area.

Here are my outfits that I wore this weekend.

Top- Kohl's 
Leggings- Kohl's
Necklace- Charming Charlie
Boots- DSW

Tank top- Old Navy 
Jeans- Old Navy
Cardigan- H&M 

Dress- Target 
Belt- Target
Sweater- Old Navy

Here's my weekly baby bump picture.  This baby is doing a lot of growing right now and I'm feeling it.  My ribs have been hurting a lot this week, making it really uncomfortable at times.  I never stopped to think about just how much stress your body goes through during pregnancy.  It makes me a little nervous for the next 3 months.  If I'm this uncomfortable right now, I can only imagine how I'll be feeling during my last couple weeks.  I guess it's better than throwing up.  Plus, I have to say that I love watching this little guy grow everyday. 
24 week baby bump

Have a wonderful week!!

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