Shopping Finds~Getting the Most for your Money$$

October 08, 2014

When I shop, I like to get as much as I can for my money.  I go straight to the back of the store where they keep all the clearance and sale items. I'm just too frugal to look anywhere else in a store. 

I recently had a $15 gift card to spend at Charming Charlie.  This store is a great place to find affordable accessories!  Accessories are perfect when you're building a wardrobe on a budget.  Since I only had $15 to spend, I knew I had to hit the clearance section in the back of the store.  I didn't want to spend my $15 on one thing (that wouldn't be any fun), so I was looking in the $5 range. I ended up finding a great selection of light weight scarves. They were only $4.99, so I decided to stock up!

Scarves are a great accessorie to have in your wardrobe. They can dress up the simplest of outfits. I ended up picking out 3 different patterns that I know I will get plenty of use out of.

Here are some looks I put together using my new scarves. 

Now instead of having one new accessorie to wear, I have 3 new outfits!

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