My Closet~What I Wore This Week

March 07, 2014

It's Friday and we all made it through the work week. As you can probably tell, I've kind of given up on the "What I Wore Wednesday" post. My work weeks have been crazy busy, so Wednesdays are not the greatest days for me to sit and write a post. Instead I'll post my favorite outfits I wore during the week from my closet...Katie's Closet. 
Here are my top 2 picks from this week. 
Black button down shirt- Old Navy (Salvation Army find for $4.)
Pants- TJMaxx
Sweater- Target
Shoes- DSW

Dress- Old Navy
Sweater- Old Navy 
Leggings- Charlotte Ruse 
Boats- Target 

I'm trying to use the clothes I already have to make as many new outfits as I can. 

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  1. I love your style. Like the colors. And I shop at similar places. :) Good ideas for pairing different clothing items to make new outfits.


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